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Total cost: 0.06 ETH
Max per TX: 5

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Chibi Galaxy is a collection of 7,000 interstellar characters with traits inspired by our galaxy’s most powerful features.

A new Chibi species will be launching on 11/11 with a mint price of 0.08 ETH. Exclusive discounted pre-sale only for existing collectors at a price of 0.06 ETH.

Watch the new lore!

The Chibi Galaxy is awaiting a new leader!


We have lots of future ideas that will help facilitate a vibrant community of Chibi Galaxy. Here are a few rewards during the launch.

Launch Phase: 2021 ✅

Launch Chibis, Chibi Apes, and Chibi Galaxy and complete the collection of 10200 items. Purchase prime lot in Decentraland, Sandbox, and Somnium Space. Launch a merch store, first donations, and initialize a Liquidity Pool! All completed!

Cruise Phase: End 2021

Chibi companions, FREE to mint for all our collections in December! An unrevealed secret species will enter the Chibiverse! Snapshot will be taken shortly after the Chibi Galaxy drop! In addition: Decentraland merch and utility $TOKEN research!

Encounter Phase: Q1-Q2 2022

Chibi Labs will begin the early stages of commercialization and monetization for the Chibi characters. This will include collaborations and partnerships across gaming, media, physical collectibles, and more. Chibi Labs will be hosting our inaugural Chibicon. All collectors will have access to this annual event

Expand Phase: Q3 2022

Chibi Labs will be releasing Chibi characters into free-to-play and play-to-earn gaming environments. Physical Chibis characters will be rolling out across stores as collectibles, costumes, and other retail products.

Singularity Phase: Q4 2022

Chibi Labs will roll out plans and details around Chibi Studios. The studio will internally produce all initiatives related to gaming, media, and content. The Chibi Experience launches across public locations!


Chibi Labs is home to futuristic, moody, and cool 3D characters. We love anime and we love the 3D world. Our characters bring both worlds together. We live in a culture of collaboration and community. As we grow, we want to grow our community members, which are made up of creatives, technicians, and NFT enthusiasts.

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Existing Generations

The earlier generations include Chibis, a collection of 200 unique 1/1s, and Chibi Apes, a generative collection of 3000 ape characters. Get one of those to secure your whitelist spot!

A group of Chibis
A group of Chibis